Our Oregon Story

(The title should really be “Our Origin Story” but I couldn’t resist the chance to be punny.)

My wife and I are in our late 20’s.

We’ve lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for the majority of our lives. It’s basically all that we’ve ever known.

And we’re over it.

The heat. The humidity. The tourists. The hurricanes. The people who can’t drive for shit. All of it.

We’ve been fortunate to have gone on vacation to the Pacific Northwest three times in the past year.

We know that everywhere is different when you only go on vacation versus when you actually live there but we’re ready to take our chances.

We originally had a 5-year plan to move there which got condensed to 1-2 years which rapidly changed to 2 months since our last vacation.

The timing isn’t perfect and it’s not really ideal either, but after all, there’s no such thing as “perfect timing.”

The only people we know in the PNW are 2 friends and their family. (That’s more than enough to get us started. We have hopes of recruiting my parents and friends to make the hike up north someday as well.)

We’ve never lived somewhere where it snows. We’ve never lived somewhere with little humidity or where there’s an actual change in seasons.

And that’s the best part; we’re about to embark in a new adventure and experience a totally different life than what we’ve been used to.

It’s the unknown that’s the most exciting.

New city. New jobs. New environment. New experiences.

We can’t wait.

This blog will showcase our actual move and all the behind-the-scenes kind of things involved.

Once we actually get to the Pacific Northwest, the blog will feature our travels and all the lessons that we learn as we get acclimated to our new life.

There will be some mention of personal finance with some side hustling mixed in along the way.

21 days of work and roughly 3,000 miles are what currently separate us from a new reality.